Top Wonderful Locations in Patagonia You Must Visit

When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s sunny and Arakur Resort warm within the Southern Hemisphere. One good technique to have a winter trip is to head to Chile and to Patagonia (that, by the way, additionally extends to Argentina) and explore nature at its best.

One can be a part of a W hike Patagonia tour and explore the most well-liked circuit of this region with guides to assist and arranged accommodation as well as food. Another option is the “O” tour that so many local Chilean tour operators offer. One of the best ways, however, is to set out by yourself and explore some wonderful places that tour operators do not embody in the itinerary.

General Carrera Lake Marble Caves

Near the Argentinian border lies the Common Carrera Lake and here one can find the attractive marble caves. The experience of stepping into a ship and navigating the echoing marble caverns is ethereal and just awe inspiring.

Exploradores Glacier

The marble cave tour over one can set off to the Exploradores glacier, possibly by joining a tour from Puerto Rio Tranquilo and trek to the glacier and attempt to discover new caves. This Glacier is the good one for tourists trying to enterprise out and explore in truly powerful conditions.

Puyuhuapi’s Bay

This is one of the tranquil places most tour operators will not include in the schedule but it is a haven of peace and quiet. Situated within the Chilean fjords, Puyuhuapi is a small hamlet with campsites where one can stay and marvel at the placid waters, go fishing or go boating.

Queulat National Park and Hanging Glacier

The W Hike takes you to Torres del Paine, an astounding pure park however the Queulat National Park, about 22 km from Puyuhuapi, could be just as attention-grabbing, if not more so. It has the fantastic Queulat hanging glacier with a waterfall cascading from between the break up, a sight to cherish. Getting there’s not easy as one has to trudge by means of slush however at the end of it, the blue waters and the glacier can be quite rewarding.

Cerro Castillo

Black, blue and white colors come collectively to perfection at Cerro Castillo, one very particular white glacier set in opposition to black rock and it leads to a lake with blue waters. Just hiking to the site is an experience in itself and when one arrives right here, the view is just gorgeous.

One can trek essentially the most travelled W Hike Patagonia tour in Chile or do more. Of course, taking in Torres Del Paine is a must but there are other equally interesting locations in Patagonia that give a lot more. The more adventurous hikers get a visa for Argentina too and that makes it a lot easier to explore that side of Patagonia too. However, a week in Patagonia on the Chilean side is more than ample to visit just a few interesting should-visit places. Spare more time and you could find even more hidden jewels.